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Double Twist Dance

Double Twist Dance School

Double Twist Dance is a inclusive and diverse lyrical, contemporary and ballet dance school for young people aged between 3–17 as well as adults classes. Established 2013 in Stratford, London it is now run at Forest Gate and also online. Our dance school is run and choreographed by professional dance teachers Emma Levene and her assistant Emma Clandon.

They have been professionally trained in all dance styles, which enables them to offer such an extensive range. Both women have a strong passion for teaching dance and performing. They are motivated by inspiring new young dancers to experience the true buzz that dancing provides. Our dance school is truly unique and very different from the mainstream classes that are available out there in our industry at the moment. We are not just about teaching dance styles, techniques, and choreography, which of course are all extremely important. We are also committed to developing the ability to tell moving and engaging stories by using our bodies.

Our style of dance uses real emotion, which, in turn, creates an all-inclusive connection with our audiences. We create expressive movements through the strong ballet techniques we use along with elements of contemporary dance and jazz.

The dance school performance opportunities include: Rouche Kids Fashion Show, Newham Mayor Show, Walthamstow, Food and Drinks Festival, Wow Festival, Boy Blue Showcase, charity events, festivals, online showcase and in person showcase .