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Double Twist Dance

Parents Term and conditions 

Parents Information

As your child’s parent or guardian, it is your responsibility to:

- Notify us of any medical conditions that your child has

- Ensure that all medications for your child are brought along to classes

- Ensure that your emergency contact details are up to date

- We aim to make our classes inclusive available to all. We ask that you notify us before booking a class or trial if your child needs any additional support. This will allow us to discuss your child’s needs.

- We will only share your child’s information with staff at Double Twist Dance.

Term Fees

Using our booking system to book classes:

- When booking a class on the class for kids booking system, bookings are made for the month.

- All fee payments should be made at the time of booking

- If your child joins part way through a term, we will charge you a pro-rata fee

- You will be notified of new term payments a few weeks before the new term starts

- If you want to pay via monthly payments, you must speak to us before the new term starts

If you aren’t using a booking system:

- All fees should be paid x weeks after the term start date (unless you’ve opted for monthly fees)

- We will contact you two weeks after the term begins in writing to remind you your payment is still outstanding. If payment is not made x weeks after the term start, you will incur a late penalty fee

- Late penalty fees of the term class total

Monthly Subscription/Payment

If you are using a booking system to do monthly payments and subscription

- If you wish to pay via monthly subscription on class for kids' booking, please notify us before the start of each term

- All monthly subscriptions are collected on the 1st of each month

- If you wish to cancel your monthly subscription, please write to us via email and WhatsApp 30 days before your next payment is due. If you don’t give us at least 30 days' notice, you will still be charged for the next month, and we have to cancel from our side.

- If you need to update your payment details, please email us at [email protected] We will communicate with you after x days if payment has not been made. We will attempt to call and write to you to check if details need updating.

- If payment is not made x days/weeks/month/months after we’ve communicated the missed payment(s), your subscription will be cancelled, and your child removed from the class.

- If you fail to make regular monthly payments, we have the right to refuse monthly payments as a payment option to you in the future.

Payment by bank transfer

- If you are paying via bank transfer, you are welcome to do standing order, and it will need to be paid first of each month.

- The same applies to what is written above, We also have a non-refundable policy when paying via bank transfer or for the class for kids booking system.


- If your child is attending our classes for the first time, they are entitled to 2 week trial classes.

- Once you have trialled classes at our dance school, you cannot try the same class again at a later date should you chose not to join straight away.

- Your child can try a different class at our dance school as per the terms and conditions outlined above

- We also allowed parents to watch the first two class and then after that you need to drop them off or wait outside.

- For the trials you child just need to wear leggings and top and then you can order the dance wear.

- If you new you also be added to our WhatsApp group as well,


- A responsible parent or guardian must contact us via email or text if your child cannot attend a class for any reason

- If your child doesn’t attend a class after consecutive weeks without any contact from a parent or guardian, we have the right to remove them from the class list

- If your child to decided not to want to attend anymore, please email [email protected] as well as via WhatsApp with the reason you are leaving, and send feedback about the class as we feel this can help to improve our classes in the future.

- If we, the dance school, need to rearrange a class due to staff sickness, dance performance, health epidemic, venue maintenance issue or any other unforeseen circumstance, we will re-arrange cover for this session or have the class cancelled. Please make sure you child behaves and that you all make new teacher welcome. there will also be signed assisted either Emma c or Jansen.

- Please make sure that your child attends the class by eating breakfast before, and food depending on the class time before attending, and also make sure they bring water and snack if they haven't eaten. It is important to help their focus and concentration and learning steps and choreography.

--Please also make sure they are in correction uniform and hair is in a bun, and ballet lace are tucking into their ballet shoes as we soon have exams, we have people coming to check uniform and attendances.

- We also have regular phone call to check on children progress for new current classes 

-Like to remind you, unless your children are coming to class for trial or they have a reason why your child needs to be in the room, there should be no parents in the room, especially during show times

Feedback and Complaints

- We take all feedback and complaints very seriously

- If you wish to make a complaint, please make this in writing to [email protected] Although you can speak to Emma L or Emma c or staff/pa about any issues or concerns you have, if you wish to have your complaint addressed, it MUST be made in writing

- We will look at your complaint and get back to you with an initial response within a few days

- We aim to fully resolve your complaint within few days. However, it may take longer depending on the issue you’ve raised. We take complaints on a case-by-case basis and will discuss specific timescales with you if we cannot resolve this within few days.


For classes/rehearsals

-You can buy ballet dancewear from the dancing daisy website once you have had a 2-week trial and decide to join us. We let you know what uniform to buy for your child

You can also buy contemporary dancewear from the dancing daisy once you have had a 2-week trial and decide to join us. We let you know what logo uniform to buy for your child.

For the show wear, please contact Emma L and Emma c or Barbara PA via email or by their contact details given in our emails to you when you start.


We also expect that when your child performs in a show, they commit to all rehearsals and contact us the day before to tell us they cannot attend shows is unacceptable, but giving us more notice in writing via email or by phone would be most appreciated. During the show we expect the show dancewear to be worn and hair must be tied up before the performance and that children are well behaved at all times as there will be people coming to check on our progress.

Terms and conditions will also be send via email when you start for first time so that you can sign it and email back to us